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Get to know the Amazon in one single day!

From 85 EUR per person

Meeting of Waters

The Meeting Of Waters

To the east of Manaus, an incredible phenomenon takes place over the centuries. A spectacular natural phenomenon, unique in the world, the Meeting of the Waters. Miles of waters of two rivers, Negro and Solimões, running side by side without mingling. A real natural spectacle! In this day trip, we will take you to get to know this wonder of nature.

Price: 85 EUR / person

Tucano Village

Meeting of Waters, Indian Village and Pink Dolphins

You can go further and make three experiences in one day. See the Meeting of Waters (read above), visit an indian village, getting to know their culture, rituals, their way of life, and, to finish the trip, taking a refreshing bath in the company of the playful Pink Dolphins that live freely in the wild, but like very much to interact with humans. Smarts and curious, they approach people in search for fish bait.

Price: 140 EUR / person

Bath under waterfalls in Presidente Figueiredo

Waterfalls and Caves in Presidente Figueiredo

Traveling by road, through BR-174, to the municipality of Presidente Figueiredo, land of waterfalls. There it is possible to cool off in these delicious waters, surrounded by a preserved nature, with the air of the Amazon rainforest.

120 EUR / person - from 2 to 7 people
95 EUR / person - from 6 to 16 people

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Amazonas and Negro Rivers

Amazonas and Negro
3 days

Departures on Mondays, visiting prominent places near Manaus, Rio Negro, Meeting of Waters...


Anavilhanas Islands
3 days

Going on Wednesdays, for those with little time, this cruise makes a more in depth trip inside the Amazon.

Amazonas and Negro + Anavilhanas

Amazonas and Negro + Anavilhanas
5 days

More extensive cruise, going to Anavilhanas Archipelago, exploring Amazon and Negro Rivers.

Expedition to the Golden Waterfall

Golden Waterfall
5 days

New itinerary in expedition format, entering Anavilhanas to meet a beautiful waterfall in the jungle.

Madadá Caves

Madadá Caves
5 days

New itinerary in expedition like way, passing by Anavilhanas and visiting the mysterious Caves of Madadá.

Expedition to the heart of the Amazon

Travel to the Heart of The Amazon
7 days

Expedition visiting many special spots, by Negro River, through Anavilhanas and reaching the Jaú National Park.

Day Tours

Day Tours

Come and see the beauty of the Meeting of the Waters, meet the Indians and their rituals, and also swim with the dolphins, all in one day!

Optional Activities

Optional Activities

If you want to add more adventure to your trip, see some options that we have to make your expedition even more enjoyable.

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