Rio Amazonas, Anavilhanas and Waterfalls

This cruise takes us through the Amazonas and Negro Rivers into the vast Anavilhanas Archipelago and, before ending, to the Land of Waterfalls.

From $1350 USD per person

Towards the northwest of Manaus, up the Rio Negro, until reaching the impressive set of islands and waterways that originates the Archipelago of Anavilhanas National Park, an ecological paradise in the midst of the Amazon Jungle. From September to May we can observe and even bathe at those impressive white sand beaches that create the largest fluvial archipelago in the world. Islands and more islands that remain uninhabited by man.
Meeting of Waters

Day 1: Meeting of Waters - Janauari - Palmeiral

Boarding at 10 a.m. at Marina do Davi (next to the Tropical Hotel). Everyone aboard, we will have a brief meeting to introduce the crew, explain the safety procedures, navigation and routes. After deliverying the cabins, we will embark on a speedboat that will take us to the first tour of the day.

We begin to sail to the East, where we can see the coast of Manaus City, Ponta Negra beach, the dome of the Amazonas Theater, the favelas, the Adolpho Lisboa Municipal Market and also a colossal engineering work: the Floating Port. We continue sailing through the Rio Negro up to the Ecological Reserve Lake Janauari, where there are many floating houses. Lunch will be on a floating restaurant, where we can enjoy the Amazonian cuisine (lunch included). After lunch, we will walk along a suspended walkway, from where it is possible to play with wild monkeys and observe various other species of animals and plants, including Victoria amazonica, the famous Victoria Regia.

But the climax of the day is yet to come: it's when we head to this Nature's wonder, unique in the world, the so-called Meeting of the Waters. Two giant rivers, Negro and Solimões, running side by side without mixing. A true spectacle! But the day is not over yet, and we will further visit a floating house where they create some big Pirarucu (Arapaima gigas), an icon fish of the Amazon. Back on board, we will navigate upwards the Rio Negro heading West while contemplating the sunset. At dusk, we will be arriving near the Tukano indian village, inside the Rio Negro Sustainable Development Reserve, the gateway to Anavilhanas. At the beach of Palmeiral land reserve, we'll settle down for the night.

Tucano Village

Day 2: Reserve Palmeiral - Tucano Village - Ariaú River

The first activity of the second day is an adventure on land. The walk in the forest at the Palmeiral site is an excellent opportunity to meet, up close, the life inside the Amazon jungle. We will enter the forest, learn about plants and large trees that live there, as well as insects and exotic animals. You'll see the Rubber Tree, from which is extracted the latex, the rubber; a product that was responsible for much of the economic and social development of Brazil, during the rubber boom. While walking through the forest, accompanied by an experienced forest guide, we will also be presented some survival and orientation techniques.

Our next stop is at Aldeia Tucano, where you will meet an indigenous tribe native to the region and learn more about their customs and rituals. In order to feel the Amazonian greetings, the Pajé, chief of the tribe, will welcome us with a presentation, to the sound of tribal flutes and dances, with the participation of the Indians men and women of the tribe. After the warm reception, let's refresh at Acajatuba lake, and if programmed, maybe swim with the Pink Dolphin. These friendly dolphins live freely in the wild but are familiar with human presence, approaching when we offer them fish.

The tour continues towards the Ariaú River, where the movie Anaconda was shot. In this area it is common to observe animals such as monkeys, sloths, birds, as well as the giant tree Samauma. At night, a motorboat trip can be made, focusing with lantern in search of animals like hunting eagles, bacurau, urutau, herons, gypsy-birds, alligators, among others.

Canoe Ride

Day 3: Ariaú River - Indian Village

Dawn at the Ariaú River, enjoying how the wild nature presents itself in the early hours. At these hours, it is possible to observe some species of animals that are more active in the beginning of the day.

We will be up to a motorized canoe ride to observe the fauna and flora typical of the region. Among some common animals to watch are the guariba monkeys, the sloth, the monkeys, parrots, herons, fishing birds, gypsy birds, among others. By this river, we can also get an astonishing view of the giant tree Samaúma, the biggest tree in the Amazon rainforest.

We continue towards the National Park of the Anavilhanas Archipelago, an area of 350,000 hectares with more than 650 groups of islands. In the dry season, it is possible to enjoy the white sandy beaches and cool off on them. Tourists often get surprised by the absence of mosquitoes in that region, because of the acidic levels of those dark waters.

After that, let's visit the land of our brothers and sisters Baré indians. That's a unique time to learn a little bit about how they live, that plants they harvest and the food they produce themselves.

As of dusk, we'll be set up to another motorized boat ride, now to observe that ecossystem, passing through flooded water streams, watching the animals. Maybe catching an alligator, who knows? The jungle is so unpredicatable. Late night, the southern lights capture our eyes to the sky.


Day 4: Tucumã Lake - Mucuras River

Let's start the day with a walk in the forest, near Lake Tucumã, to observe the flora and fauna of the Rio Negro region. Depending on the season, we may find a special stream that leads to a small waterfall. A charming place where you can take a bath and cool off in those delicious waters. At the end, we will return to the boat and head towards the Mucuras River.

Depending on the water level, it is possible to stop and bathe on the white sandy beaches that appear in the dry season at the Anavilhanas archipelago. Arriving in the Mucuras River, we will take a canoe trip to observe the fauna and flora of the magical igapó. This vast flooded forest, unites the basins of the Mucuras and Cuieras rivers.

The place is low visited, being the scene of some local legends and also the natural habitat of the feared electric eel. Let us observe wild animals like some very beautiful birds, toucans and macaws. At night, we can continue by canoe to hear the sounds of nature.

White Sandy Beaches

Day 5: Mucuras River - Manaus - Road

Getting up early morning to contemplate the sunrise. The experience of the sunrise brightening within the Amazon forests brings a deep sense of peace.

We will start the navigation back to Manaus. Depending on the level of the water, we can make a stop to take a bath on some beach. Lunch will be served on board while heading back to the city.

Arrival around 1 pm. A car or small bus will be waiting for us to hit the road. After past somewhat 130km, we will arrive at an indigenous territory, the Waimiri-Atroari's land, where we will settle inside a lodging for the night.


Day 6: Land of Waterfalls - Manaus

After a gorgeous amazonian breakfast, let's head to Iracema's Waterfall. Delicious waters await for us, surrounded by pure natural jungle.

The place is well-known by its misterious caves. If you're brave enough, join us on an exploration inside those caves to discover another waterfall inside the jungle: the Arara's Waterfall. It takes about 45 minutes on foot. So be patient (and corageous too). We know you'll be hungry after so much adventure, so the lunch will be served just after a refreshing bathing under the waterfall.

In the afternoon, we will get the car for about 40km heading to another must-visit spot on the Waterfalls' Land: the Santuário Waterfall, one of the most spectacular of that country. After bathing, yet before dusk, let's finish the tour and hit the road back to Manaus.

Arrival: 6 pm.

White Sandy Beaches

Day 7: Land of Waterfalls Extended*

*Must be scheduled in advance.

If you buy this extra mile, we can overnight in the lodging and go for one more day in the waterfalls' land.

In the morning, after a powerful breakfast (trust me, you'll need this extra energy), a walk in the jungle awaits for us. It will take about two and a half hours to reach the first destination: Maruaga caves. Of course, after so much effort, we all deserve a refreshing bath on a nearby waterfall.

Next stop is at the Judeia cave. With luck we will see an impressive bird named Galo-da-Serra. After lunch, another waterfall to enjoy, now the Cachoeira dos Pássaros. Let's enjoy bathing and even jumping from the zip line, if you dare. Return to Manaus is just before dusk.

Arrival: 6 pm.

Map of this Cruise

For reference only. May differ from the actual route.

Note: all routes are subject to change according to weather conditions, environment and Nature's overall aspect. Animals are wild and many places visited on our expeditions are not frequented by tourists, so we do not guarantee that all experiences will be the same. During the travel there is no cell phone signal nor Internet connection, which liberates us from distractions and allows us to live the present moment with more intensity, a key factor to connect with Mother Nature.

Additional Information

Private Canoe Ride (Electric Powered)
Wanna see the forest up close? Embark on a private tour by electric canoe, accompanied by experienced guide. Watch wild animals, streams and igapós (flooded forest).
Swimming With Pink Dolphins
The pink boto is a species of freshwater dolphin that lives freely in the Amazonian rivers. They approach human presence when we offer them fish baits as food. They are docile, playful and enjoy interacting with tourists.
Panoramic Flight in Seaplane
At the end of the trip, when you return to Manaus, you can choose to take a panoramic tour, in a hydroplane, to see from up above how beautiful the Amazon region is. Please ask pricing and availability in advance.

Note: please contact us in advance for availability and pricing.

In addition to clothes, equipment, medicines and hygiene items that everyone needs on a trip, it is also good to bring the following items:

*Long sleeve shirt
*Wool or jacket shirt
*Boots or sneakers
*Waterproof sandals for boat use
*Flashlights and batteries
*Sunscreen (factor 30/60)
*Wet wipes
*Cantil or bottle of water
*Biscuits or cereal bars
*Chargers (cell phone, camera, ...)
*Waterproof bag for camera, cell phone and other objects


Yellow fever (consult the nearest vaccination center);

Prevention against malaria (although near Negro River the presence of the mosquito and this disease is very rare);

We recommend visiting a travel and vaccination center at least 30 days in advance. Remember to bring specific medications.

Travel Insurance

The traveler is responsible for any type of insurance that may be required.
The boat has compulsory insurance, as required by law, which covers possible accidents solely during the navigation. Activities outside the boat are not covered by this insurance. With the exception of activities such as tree climbing and flying in seaplane, where insurance is in charge of the company providing the service.

+ All meals
+ Water and coffee
+ Accommodation in cabins with bunk beds, double bed and cabin with bathroom
+ Sheets and towels
+ Excursions as described in the itineraries
+ Bilingual naturalist guide
+ Use of kayaks

Optional activities during the trips:
* Night camp in the jungle
* Kayak with electric motor
* Night walking in the jungle
* Swimming with dolphins
* Panoramic flight - contact us for pricing
* Tree climbing - contact us in advance

- Transfers
- Airline tickets
- Airport Fees
- Medical emergency costs
- Freebies
- Souvenirs or additional services
- Insurance (travel, accidents, medical emergencies, evacuations, etc.)
- Passport costs
- Everything that is not listed as included

Let's Talk!

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